Cruel webcam mistress loves to give corporal punishment

Whenever you feel that you need to be punished because you did something wrong and there is nobody to do it, there is always Miss Eva aka EvaDominatrix who will take care of this. You will need a mistress who knows how to apply all the corporal punishments graduated, to control you even if you do something worse than you did and come back to her webcam chat in the future. She can be very cruel and will go beyond any limit. Until now i didn’t deserve a very bad punishment but she just told me what she will do to me… She knows somehow i will never do this to the extreme but she can do it far way from the highest extreme peaks you ever imagined. So for those who need even more than  i need, then she’s the right cruel mistress who can satisfy your need on live webcam. Cruelty in corporal punishment cam shows is her best.

Why do i like to webcam chat with Eva Dominatrix? Even if i am a bit afraid of her and  i know that i risk to be punished very bad , i can’t stay away of her professionalism into the bondage and discipline. To be honest i am also curious how far she will go with me in CP as she never loses the control. One more thing is that she is almost always dressed in leather which i like it.

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